Pipette Calibration Software

With more than 10 years of experience in servicing and calibrating pipettes in mind, we created a user friendly, fast and powerful pipette calibration software.

The pi-Cal pipette calibration software logs, calculates and stores gravimetric values to determine and to track the accuracy and precision of any volumetric pipetting device.



pipette calibration software

General features

Calibration Lab and Carya Automation joined forces to create a powerful pipette calibration software called pi-Cal.

We created the pi-Cal pipette calibration software to enable the accuracy and precision of any volumetric device (o.a. pipette) to be monitored easily and accurately and documented traceable throughout its entire life cycle.

The Windows based pipette calibration software can be used to test all pipettes, all types and brands, as well as other liquid handling devices such as dispensers, burettes, syringes, dilutors, …

It’s ease of use and upgradability makes it one of the most professional and comprehensive volumetric pipette calibration software packages on the market. And this for single users, large multi users or calibration service companies.

About Calibration Lab

Providing calibration services and calibration standards for the laboratory world is our primary focus. Our services cover calibrations (volumetric, weight, temperature, force and viscosity) on your laboratory measuring equipment in the Benelux market. Simply rely on our excellent services and outsource your calibrations to an ISO 17025 accredited partner “Calibration Lab”


About Carya Automation

Carya Automation consists of a team of experienced employees with basic knowledge from various disciplines, such as physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and chemistry. Carya has over ten years experience in developing applications for both the process and manufacturing industries. We understand your jargon. We share your terminology and process knowledge.